My kids watched: Moana (Disney)

[By Big C]

I didn’t go through the “Let it go…” fever but I think a lot of parents got saved by Moana’s “How far I’ll go“! Are you one of them?


How did we started watching this? 
My nephew requested to watch it’s MV on Youtube and was singing his hearts out. Then I noticed Big E trying to sing along too. So we decided it would be a good choice.

Why do I like it for the kids? 

  • The theme songs were awesome! Some were catchy while some have meaningful lyrics. It got them singing along and dancing along.
  • It touched on death topic again (like Big Hero 6) but this time is more of old age so it was a good chance to explain death from a different angle.
  • It’s not the typical princess theme.
  • There are many teachable scenes!

My favourite scenes & teachable moments

Never go near the waters without your parents!

So Moana kept going to the waters and even attempted to sail behind her father’s back. Took the opportunity to explain to her the dangers of it and always to make sure that she only enters the water (swimming pool) with our company.

Do not be over confident!

Moana didn’t listen to Maui when he asked her to turn back when Te Kā was about to hit them. No doubt, we should teach about confidence and determination, we must also know our limits. So when she didn’t heed his advice, they got hit and Maui’s hook was badly damaged.

A man without a heart is a monster. So be someone who has a heart.

Te fiti is a goddess who can create life but when her heart got stolen, she turned into a demon manifested of fire and magma. I am really proud of myself for thinking of this!

Gender and age do not matter in what you can achieve in life

Yup. Moana is 8 and she is a girl. And she could achieve great things and saved her family and village!

Earn forgiveness with sincere apology and learn from your mistakes.

Maui tried to joke with Te Fiti who was not amused. He then apologised in a formal matter, confessing that he has no excuse. Te Fiti forgave him and even “repaired” his magical fish hook!

Have faith in yourself even when the world puts you down.

Moana said the ocean chose her to restore the heart of Te Fiti and Maui said it chose wrong. Moana was devastated and she told ocean to choose someone else. But of course, she was inspired again by her grandma’s spirit and she retrieved the heart and decided to finish the task on her own.

You don’t need something to be someone.

Initially Maui told Moana Without my hook, I am nothing” and at the end, he said “hook or no hook, I am Maui.” Yup, my kids need to know that they are them no matter what they own.

Have you watched Moana? Did you like it and what do you think of these teachable moments? Comment below or email me to share!

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