Ballet & Jazz class (Little Stars) for kids @ Stepping Out Studios

[By Big C]

Ballet dance little stars (2)

Big E has been asking to learn ballet ever since she watched the animation “Leap” aka “Ballerina”. She was also “influenced” by her classmates who are also taking ballet classes.

I know that she enjoys music and dance alot, and I felt dance is a good form of exercise and can teach her discipline and perseverance. So I started hunting for trial classes to let her understand what dance class is about.

She was so excited about the trial class and I must say I think she did well at the trial! I could see her focus and enthusiasm. So we signed up for the first term right after the trial. Thankfully we gotten the last slot! Never knew it was so popular!

Tupperware twinkle tup banner

Where is the dance studio? 

Stepping Out Studios (#08-05) City Square Mall

Which class we take?

The person in charge recommended us to go for the Little Stars (Ballet & Jazz) because pre-ballet is examinable and child has to be 5 and above to take the exam. So it was better for Big E to go through a term or two of Little Stars to prepare herself better before pre-ballet. Timing wise, she would also then be eligible for the exam.

She enjoyed the trial for Little Stars so of course we went for this.

Which time slot to take?

There are three weekend classes. Saturday 9am, Sunday 10am and Sunday 315pm.
Saturday 9am is out for us because it means everyone will have to wake up early. We prefer to sleep in. =P Sunday 10am was the best choice but it was already fully booked when I signed up for the trial. And even for 315pm slot, we managed to get the last one after the trial session! I guess all parents, like us, were happy and impressed to see how happy our kids are and how well they could follow the instructions.

How long will the class be? 

Each class is 45min. (Trial was 30min).

How much are the fees?

The course fees is S$189 for 9 lessons which is for Term 1. As we signed up on trial day, we were given 20% discount! So that works out to $16.80 per lesson.

What will Big E wear?

We have to purchase the CSTD standard ballet costume (from Sonata Dancewear) – leotard, skirt, shoes and tights. Tights were out of stocks and we were told we could get it after they restock it. It’s more of a requirement at exams and competitions.

The costume is pretty pricey I would say and since it’s a dance costume, I couldn’t get a size bigger (like I usually do for her clothes). I foresee spending more on the costume and shoes as she grows! But that’s inevitable I guess.

Leotard S$32
Skirt S$20
Ballet shoes S$32

Ballet dance little stars (3)

For the younger kiddos, they have another class call Melody Bear which introduces children to concepts of ballet, tap, music and movement.

I will update again here after she starts class in January 18!
See you there if you have signed up too.

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