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Don’t fall for the free watch scam – Lucan Lorenzo!

[By Big C]

LUCAN LORENZO – the free watch scam!

I never thought that I would fall for a scam… but I did.. because it was an awesome marketing strategy to me! I searched the name and nothing abnormal pops up! It was only after I think I have been conned that I went to google for free watch scams and sure enough, I found some articles talking about this new “strategy”.

So here is how it goes…

I came across their Facebook post (sponsored) on my newsfeed in end September. Something like this. And yes, I was still happily sharing with hubby on this marketing tactic, converting ATL cost into product cost for A&P.


On their website, they have the same claim.

To celebrate the launch of Lucan Lorenzo’s website, we’re giving away a limited number of our watches absolutely free (just pay shipping).

This was what I ordered…


And the shipping cost me USD 9.00 per watch. I decided to get 2 since it is free right? And I thought it would be nice to have matching watch. I was guessing hubby would like it. But then even not, it would still make a nice gift.


I did ponder for awhile over why they have to charge me shipping for both watches since it is something so small and not heavy. They should only charge me for one. But then, I thought perhaps it was to cover back some cost. After all, they are dumping money for this campaign.

The shipping took awhile… about 2 weeks or more? I cannot remember exactly when but I became skeptical when I saw it come in a bubble wrap mail envelope which was quite flat. I mean if this is a watch that is meant to retail at $65, it ought to have a decent case / box right?

I know you can’t exactly call it a scam since they DID deliver the watches and I got conned because of my greed and the pretty nice photos… but still!!!! =(

So basically they just bought a bunch of cheap watches and market it like a real deal and that shipping fees is exactly what they are earning from us. And for USD 9.00… and the watches were not working right. We adjusted both watches to the same timing and after 4 hours, they were displaying time that was one hour apart.

I am sorry but I can’t find the watches now to take a photo of actual item because I decided to just pass it to the kids to play. I will update with the photo once I find them!

So please do NOT fall for this scam or anything similar like Antonio Watches. These are professionals who can create a beautiful website and they even have paypal for payment. Just be wary… very wary… it’s not even worth that USD 9.00.. I would rather use it to back some Kickstarter projects or shop on or

Do share it with everyone that you care for! This can happen to anyone in any country (because Facebook has no barrier!).

AND here is another scam to avoid! >> [Do not buy] Yes! Finishing Touch hair remover from anywhere!!

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12 thoughts on “Don’t fall for the free watch scam – Lucan Lorenzo!”

  1. I also bought watches from Lucan Lorenzo. They look good but are poor quality. Just like you, I bought one for by husband which broke on day two of him wearing it.


  2. Thank you. I almost fall for it. Indeed I was skeptical with the deal… but they’re really good scammers. I searched for their Facebook page and thankfully the search suggested “Lucan Lorenzo scam” which showed me these articles. It’s informative. 😉

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  3. You’re lucky you received yours. Mine was ordered last September 2017, until now I havent received anything. When i tracked it online. It says it’s on the Philippine post office. So I am already saying bye to my $18 now.

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  4. I received only 3 things our of 5. And its definately a scam. 4t dollars i paid. And only 3 things i receivex. And now they are not paying heed to my complaint and is not ready to refund me my Mount of 18dollars . What shoud i do now ?


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