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[Do not buy] Yes! Finishing Touch hair remover from anywhere!!

[By Big C]

Yes original finishing touch hair remover


Wonder why I got so gullible during that period! It must have been the stress and need for retail therapy. So yes, please do NOT buy this hair remover from In fact, I would say be safe, do NOT buy anything from them. I am pretty sure that other products are similar in nature.

Maybe it’s my own lousy judgement skill that I thought that this is an amazing hair remover? And I willingly pay USD 24.99 + Shipping USD4.95 = USD28.99 for it. So I didn’t do ANY research at all!

It turns out to be a low quality and noisy shaver! I couldn’t get myself to use it because the NOISE level is ridiculous and I felt so ashamed for the purchase.

I bought this a few months back and have decided to do up this post because my Lucan Lorenzo watch scam sharing helped some readers escape the fate of getting scammed!

I will now proceed to also raise payment dispute via Paypal. Hope I can get a response.

Anyway here are the videos that you might see.

Video 1 (common across Facebook): Click here

Yes hair remover video screen shot 3Yes hair remover video screen shot 1Yes hair remover video screen shot 2

Video 2 (on website): Click here

Yes hair remover video screen shot 6Yes hair remover video screen shot 5Yes hair remover video screen shot 4

Here are my purchase proof.

LPL orderLPL order2

Please share this with your friends too. Save more people from falling into this trap. 

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