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Get $7 off your first Althea Korea purchase

What is Althea Korea?

It is the No. 1 digital destination for all things K-beauty – shopping, lifestyle and trends. Basically you can find practically any K-beauty brands here!

The products are 100% authentic straight from Korea, and you can enjoy free shipping with just above S$29 purchase!

Plus there is a no conditions 30-day return policy where they pay even for your return shipping fees!

Read more here.

Do you know that Althea has a “refer a friend” programme that will give both you and your Friend $7?

If you are NEW to Althea,

you can use my referral link to get your $7 credit before you start earning more credits by referring your own friends! Plus this $7 is additional to your new member vouchers!

Use this link : Get my $7

If you are an existing account member,

All you need to do is to go to their website and enter your details.

You can then choose how you would like to share the code. For eg. If you select share by link, you will be given your personalised link below.

As long as your referred friend uses the link and carry on to register an account followed by making a minimum $50 purchase (to offset the $7 credit), you will receive a $7 credit in your account too.

Unfortunately if your friend returns the purchase later on, your credit will be removed by Althea automatically.

Terms and Conditions

To qualify for a promo code, the referred person must (i) be a new customer, (ii) use a referral link to obtain the promo code and (iii) make a purchase on in an amount greater than the minimum amount specified in the referral offer prior to the promo code’s expiration.

Referring customers will receive a referral promo code in their account after the referral is confirmed and the referral promo code is approved by a customer service member.

Customers are limited to referring two people per household. Referring customers may only earn one referral promo code per referred person. In the event a referred person returns a purchased item and their lifetime order value decreases below the minimum purchase amount, the referral promo code awarded to the referring customer will be rescinded.

Customers may not refer anyone who has an existing account under an alternate email address.

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