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What I’ve got for X’mas Presents~ LANEIGE / SKINFOOD / HOLIKA HOLIKA

[By Small C]

As we count down towards year 2018, here I am sitting in front of my laptop,  watching my drama on my phone and unboxing my Christmas presents.

Indeed, all my friends know I love skincare / cosmetics products…

I guess I have been sharing too much of my collections that most of my friends know that I love skincare and cosmetic products. But, I haven’t let them know that I am actually trying to stick to my usual skincare.

Anyway, here is the list of products I’ve received from my friends.


  1. Holika Holika – Naked Face Balancing PrimerAccording to the product description, this primer is a multi-color balancing primer that improves your complexion with a special formula using the three-colored petal-shaped blending method. 

    WOW~! Sound cool! You can hide all your skin complexion concern just by using this primer. I will try it out soon after I empty my current primer and will do a review.


  2. SKINFOOD – Rice Mask Wash Off, Watermelon Mask, Salmon Sheet Mask, Tomato Sheet Mask and Shea Butter Perfumed Hand CreamI have never try SKINFOOD products before even though I am quite into Korean skincare. And my friend who had same skin concern as me and SKINFOOD skincare really help her a lot. 

    As my skin is still on its journey to get better, I will put these products on hold first until my skin condition stabilize. So, there might be some delays for the review of these products.


  3. Laneige – Fresh Calming Quick Toner Pack (20EA) 

    When I first heard that Laneige had launched this Quick Toner Pack, I wanted to try it out as I always soaked my facial cotton with toner and lay onto my face like a mask to help to hydrate and calm my skin.  Hence, this might come handy for me.I am not sure how well this Laneige Fresh Calming range perform, as I try to stay away from product that have strong fragrance. I might give this a try to see if it really refresh & calm my skin. Yup, a review will be done once I tried and see result of it.

These are all the presents I’ve received for this Christmas~ I will keep you guys posted on these products soon.

Meanwhile, as a brand new year is coming, I would like to thank all of you for reading my posts for the past months. I hope my posts didn’t bored you guys up. For year 2018, I hope I can progress better in my life, work and studies. Yup, I am heading back to my part-time study in few days time. As life is going to be even more busy due to work and studies, I will try my best to do more blog posting whenever time allows me to do so.

And I also hope that my skin will get better and I can really stop depending on make-up to make my complexion perfect. So, don’t forget to continue supporting “My Face. My Skin Story”~ If I ever come across anymore samples or good products, I will defnitely share with you guys.


Till next post….

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