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My Face. My Skin Story [Part 3] – My current skin condition

[By Small C]

Hello! It’s me again. I know it has been awhile since I last blogged. Every evening, the moment I reached home, I just want to slack around and rest. Hence, a long delay of my post.

Okay! Just few weeks back, I went to replenish my supplement from Fancl. And, I did a skin analyze since the counter isn’t crowded. And I finally remember to take photo of it. So,  here it is…


P/S: The image is the closest to my skin condition as I was having my make-up on that day.

The first two images on the left (Top & Bottom) is the skin of my chin. As this part of our skin is less likely to expose to sunlight or any products, hence, this will be the best area to use to compare with other area of your face.

The Second two images (Top & Bottom) is the skin of my cheek. As you can see, it is a little oily and shine.  Same goes to the last two images on the right (Top and Bottom) is my forehead.

One great new is that the consultant said that she can tells that my skin improved slightly as compared to my last scan. But, the consultant also recommend that I should exfoliate my skin once a week at least so to get rid of the dead skins.

And the recommended product: Fancl Skin Renewal Pack! 201611071421042011257I1xl

Free your skin of dead skin cells and achieve smooth and radiant skin with FANCL new generation Skin Renewal Pack. Featuring Moisture-Boosting Mineral Salts and European Pear Juice Ferment Filtrate to effectively enhance the moisture level of the skin, softens the stratum corneum and gently removes dead skin cells to restore soft and translucent skin.

Skin is moisturized and smooth, tired skin is now history.

P/S: If you want a better scan result, it is best to go on bare face.

Well, I also did my pores scan. During my previous scan, I had very bad inflammation. But over the months of combating of acne and proper pore care, I guess I am doing everything right but not perfect yet.


Tadah~! Top left: Chin, Top right: Nose, Bottom left: Forehead & bottom right: cheek

You see those orange and red spots? They are the whiteheads or blackheads which you need to take care of them.

Maybe this is the reason why I keep having pimples / acne around my nose and chin area. And the consultant recommended that I should use FANCL Pore Cleansing Pack to help to clear dirt, dissolves blackheads and unclog my pores.


But I should be also thankfully that I managed to maintain my pores around my cheek area as no blackheads / whiteheads spotted except pretty bad black pigmentation.

The most effective way to banish stubborn blackheads is to dissolve them. FANCL Pore Cleansing Pack penetrates deeply into the pores to absorb dirt and skin impurities. Featuring a combination of Fresh Moist Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid to ensure that the skin is not dry even after thorough deep cleansing.

I decided to just buy get the Skin Renewal Pack as I do not have a facial scrub at home to handle my dead skins together with my oral supplements in this trip. As, from this scan I can tell that I am handling my skin well and combating my pimples and acne in the right manner. And I should continue with my skin care routine without much changes to the existing products which I am using. So that I can better maintain my skin and also to prevent my skin barrier from being weaken again by frequent changing of products or excessively using too many products.

I will be doing my morning and night skincare routine posts soon.. so stay tuned!

Till next post…

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