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My Face. My Skin Story [Part 2] – Weakened Skin Barrier


[By Small C]

I believe many of you had read the Part 1 of this series. (If you haven’t, here it is: My Face. My Skin Story [Part 1].) I hope those who are having troubled skin will be motivated to continue combating with the acne-my.

As, I mentioned previously, my skin condition deteriorated back in last September. During this past 1 year, my skin condition just fluctuate, it did get better but then again hit it worse. April 2017, my skin hit it worst. The breakout is unstoppable and the more I try to combat, the worse it gets.

Switching of products too often….

I realized one very bad habit of mine is the main cause, trying of NEW SKIN CARE PRODUCTS! As a result of changing skin care products too often, my skin barrier was weakened and damaged.

And because of the weak and damaged skin barrier, my skin tend to be more sensitive than usual and when I try new skin care (which is not suitable for my skin), breakouts tend to be unstoppable.

Unstoppable acne-my!!


Trust me, it is a real struggle and really frustrating. When you managed to calm the acne down, new ones developed. When you just leave it as it is, it just simply take a longer period to recover.

I went for facial treatments hoping to have a better skin complexion but things just don’t work.

And in the hope of everything will be okay, I switched all my skin care to Acne Care range. And yes, I managed to make my skin better. But new problem came, de-hydration.

As I used a lot of acne spot treatment gel or acne treatment products, my skin become so dry and become more sensitive and itch a lot.

There is no product for all skin types and no product to solve all problems.

After combating for 2 months, I happened to pass by Fancl Singapore, and I went for a skin consultation and it turned out that my skin is dry in the inside and causing my skin surface to be more oily. And my cheek area is very sensitive and having inflammation.

(P/S: I didn’t take any photos of my scanning, as I planned to buy supplements only)

And the consultant suggested that I should try not to use too many acne care products as my daily skin care. I should alternate with other hydrating / moisturising yet sensitive / acne-prone skin friendly skin care to prevent my skin from getting dry and sensitive. And she also pointed out that my skin barrier is weak and there is sign of lack in collagen.

I decided to pick up the oral supplements instead as I still have skin care to finish.

So, in August- September, I chanced upon COSRX skin care products. The beauty youtubers which I followed were sharing about it. And I decided to give it a try. And fair enough, it really did well for my skin.

But, it is still not enough, as my skin barrier was weak and my skin gets irritate very easily. Thankfully, I managed to find moisturiser that can help to improve my skin barrier.

And I also add masks into my daily evening night routine whenever I can. Apart from skin care, I also take oral supplements and change my facial cleansing habits too.


It’s been nearly a year since I started to defend against these acne-my. And I am glad that my skin is adapting well and breakouts are reducing. Although, redness, acne scar and hyper-pigmentation is still visible, at least no new acne is formed. I am not sure if my skin barrier are strengthen yet, but I know that my skin is definitely on its journey to better complexion. I am still working on this battle.

Sorry that I did not mention the products that I used and currently using, as I want to make sure that they truly work for my skin before I actually share them. And furthermore, everyone has different skin type and skin condition, products might not work for everyone. So, please bear with me. I will definitely share with you guys soon. 

(P/S: Due to year-end, I am pretty busy with my work, hence my posting might be reduced. I will try to do posting whenever it is possible.) 

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