Robocar Poli – Happy Poli-Days @ Plaza Singapura (17 Nov – 10 Dec 17)

[By Big C]

Here we go! Ready, set… have you met Robocar Poli?


ROBOCAR POLI Meet & Greet Pass

Min. $30 Spend & Redeem
Date: 24 Nov to 10 Dec

Showtime: Mon to Thurs, 1pm and 7pm

Fri, Sat and Sun, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm

(No show on Tuesday)

Venue: Level 1, Main Atrium

Redeem Meet and Greet pass for a family of 4 with min. $30 spend in a Single same-day, same-mall receipts per redemption. Redemption of passes begins 1 hour before Meet & Greet at Plaza Singapura Level 1 Atrium, base on a first-come, first-served basis.

Limit to first 40 redemption per session.

Kids’ Craft Workshops

Date: 24 Nov to 10 Dec

Time: 11am to 6pm

Showtime: Mon to Sun

(No workshop on Tuesday)

Venue: Level 1, Main Atrium

Free entry to craft your own ROBOCAR POLI badges to bring home.


Min. $80 Spend & Redeem

30 Nov and 7 Dec: Redeem an entry pass for Tea Party.

Time: 4pm

Venue:Level 1, Main Atrium

Mascot appearance: 30 Nov, Poli and Roy

7 Dec, Helly and Amber

Redeem a Tea Party entry pass with min. $80 spend in a Single same-day, same-mall receipts per redemption. Redemption of passes begins 1 hour before Tea Party at Plaza Singapura Level 1 Atrium, base on a first-come, first-served basis.

Limit to first 20 redemption per session.

This is one rare show where we get to see all characters! I realised most of the shows only have maximum two (or the recent Paw Patrol where there is 3 of them).

Since Robocar Poli is showing on Okto every Sunday, I am sure that MOST kids would know them and Plaza Singapura is so convenient with NEL, the sessions would be crowded!

So I decided to bring the kids on a weekday – Wednesday! And the decision was right!

The crowd was manageable. We arrived at around 645pm and they managed to get a place nearer to the right. The area in front of the stage is really really really small! So if you are planning to go during the weekends, you might want to go much earlier to chope a space!

So after hubby and kids settled down at their chosen spot, I ran off to spend money! Yes, to spend S$30 to redeem a Meet and Greet pass.

Ended up going to Watson’s to grab some antihistamine and leftose! Couldn’t think much at that point as I only had 15min to buy and redeem.

Do note that the redemption is done at a table next to the stage instead of customer service counter! More convenient!

AND BEWARE! They place the Super attractive toys on the table that would totally make your kids go crazy! I brought along our own and escape the fate of buying them… hahaha… (You can get the budget version here.)

The performance itself is not related to the original series except the opening dance with the theme song.

It revolves around an audition for a Christmas performance. So Poli and friends had to dance and play instrument (pretend of course). It got a little boring in my opinion. But my kids started dancing when they got to the Xmas songs.

I forgot to check the time but the performance felt shorter than the Paw Patrol one. But I guess it’s still sufficient for the kids given there isn’t a storyline and it’s all about dance and songs.

This time, I couldn’t get the photos and videos as I was standing outside the area. But still, I tried to capture some!

If your kids are haunting you to get the toys, you can check out this 4pcs transformable set at only S$14.90. 

robocar poli 4pc set

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